Adjoint makes Insurance and Reinsurance smarter.

Insurance and Re-Insurance Solutions


The insurance industry is experiencing technological disruption at an unparalleled pace. This rapid change is forcing traditionally run insurance companies to understand and adopt the latest, innovative technology in order to find new ways to gain efficiencies and increase margins. What’s exciting is that the newest technologies are particularly suited to the specific needs of the insurance industry.  Until now, sharing data, processing claims and preventing fraud have been three of the most critical and costly issues facing insurers. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), when combined with related advances such as smart contracts is ideal for addressing these issues and promise to transform the industry. Organizations will benefit from shortened processing time, lower error-rates, reduced costs, and preventing fraud.  These things will happen, and they will happen because the industry needs it, customers demand it and blockchain provides it.

Now is the time for the insurance industry to actively work with technology innovators, regulators and industry experts to figure out how to unlock DLT's potential

Adjoint makes Insurance and Reinsurance smarter.™

Adjoint uses an open-source, decentralized, private infrastructure to create efficiencies that are impossible to achieve through traditional databases and existing legacy systems.  The Adjoint Insurance and Reinsurance solutions provide a single, authenticated source of record-keeping that is shared between the counterparties, without lots of data stores to maintain, secure and reconcile. This shared source of reliable data makes the entire process - from underwriting and claims management, to preventing both fraud and money-laundering - simple and automated. Costs are not only reduced; speed and reliability are drastically improved.

Our product covers digitization of all underwriting and claims documents. Documents stored through Adjoint cannot be tampered and yet are easily accessed by authorized parties. Digitizing documents through Adjoint is an ideal means of tracking on-going claims activity including litigation involving multiple parties, insurers, brokers, and outside counsel.  Access to a perfect, undisputable copy of all relevant data and activity is vital when risk is being transferred.

Our solution leverages distributed ledger technology and offers an industry-standard library of executable transactions (“smart contracts”). These smart contracts enable insurance industry participants to record transactions to the DLT, automating the underwriting and claims management process. And, our solutions use leading edge privacy and security methods to reduce cyber risk to critical infrastructure. Imagine the power digitization and automation can bring to your organization.



Increased Margin

  • More efficient underwriting and claim document management
  • Reduced manual processing of premium and claim payments
  • Fewer errors

Improved Efficiency

  • Immediate access to critical documents
  • Automation of time-consuming back-office processes
  • Secure tamper-proof data

Identify Alternative Sources of Capital

  • Streamlined KYC may enable new insurance entrants
  • Institutional investors will appreciate the operational efficacy

Captive Insurance

A securely distributed platform that allows collection, tracking and process, risk, policy and payment information in real-time.



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