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Entries tagged Business


Introducing Adjoint Switzerland AG

--- Adjoint is pleased to announce the opening of our newest entity, Adjoint Switzerland AG in Zug, Switzerland and Key hire former Credit Suisse strategy leader, András Miklós. ---   Adjoint is thrilled to announce its expansion to Zug, Switzerland. The new location of the company will represent the fourth major hub for our ra…

 - Somil Goyal, COO

PwC & WM Datenservice: Regulatory Meets Fintech 2018

About the Event: Financial regulation is making huge strides. With a global customer base, financial intermediaries based in and outside the EU are equally affected. Processes and strategies have to be adapted to be competitive in the future as well. At this Regulatory Conference, PwC and WM Datenservice will not only provide insight into the curr…

 - Blockchain and Beyond

Blockchain: Bitcoin and Beyond

Indian Institutes of Technology Association of Greater New England

Is Blockchain going to disrupt all of technology and finance? Or is that mostly just hype? This seminar will help you understand the technology underlying Blockchain and get a sense of its promise, perils and limitations. Blockchain is the underlying technology that enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. To its proponents, however, th…


Beyond Data: The ISDA Common Domain Model

33rd Annual ISDA General Meeting Panel Discussion

As financial markets explore the potential of new and emerging technologies there is an opportunity to rebuild from the ground up. ISDA’s CDM extends our established product data and definitions by integrating core events and processes to deliver a standard that facilitates this transformation. This panel will discuss the effect that such a s…

3rd Internet of Agreements Conference: "Blockchain and Identity"

Presentation and Interview: Adjoint's VP of Product, Darren Tseng, and CTO, Stephen Diehl

Bringing trust to the blockchain: online identity for real-world trade The third Internet of Agreements® conference has as its subject “Identity”. It will focus on tricky issues around the new digital identity standards, including blockchain-based self-sovereign identity. It will be a long and challenging day, full of deep insights…

 - Babson Finance Conference, The future of fintech

Babson Finance Conference - 2018

"The Future of FinTech"

Featured Speakers Included (alphabetical order): Sarah Biller Co-Founder & Board Member, FinTech Sandbox Jim Cunha SVP at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Marc Grens Co-Founder & President, DigitalMint Sri Krishnamurthy M'11 CFA, CAP Chief Data Scientist and President, QuantUniversity LLC Adam Martel CEO & Co-founder, Gravyty Ric…


SoftServe and Adjoint Deliver the Future of Blockchain in FinTech

New Partnership to Bring Financial Sector Unmatched Security and Scalability for Mission Critical Blockchain Applications

SoftServe, a leading digital consulting company, today announced its partnership with Adjoint, a developer of distributed ledger technology to accelerate automation through smart contracts and improve transactional privacy and security through blockchain in the financial and commodities industries. Adjoint’s Uplink is an open source platform…

 - Stephen Diehl, CTO

Reasoning About Program Behavior Algebraically

Presentation by Stephen Diehl

Adjoint CTO, Stephen Diehl will present on complex multiparty workflows and formal methods. Download slides from the presentation

 - Havell Rodrigues, CEO

From the Experts // Blockchain’s Agricultural Applications

Havell Rodrigues, CEO and Co-Founder of Adjoint, Inc, joins us for a brief discussion on both the applications and roadblocks for blockchain's adoption in agriculture.   From the Experts is a series brought to you by Farmerline where executives and mavens from the cutting edge of agriculture share their insights and provide a unique pe…

 - Anthony Sheldon, Software Engineer

Verifiable Computing in Haskell: "Zero Knowledge Proofs"

Presentation by Anthony Sheldon

Anthony Sheldon from Adjoint will describe the theory of zero knowledge proofs and explain how to encode the operations of a simple embedded DSL to a single cryptographically-checkable polynomial test, and then prove there is correct execution for given inputs and outputs without revealing private data. Anthony will discuss the blockchain applicati…

 - Havell Rodrigues and Somil Goyal

Credit Suisse & Kickstart Accelerator: A Strategic Partnership to Boost Innovation

Adjoint is among the elite ten startups chosen to partner with Credit Suisse.

Innovation is a strategic necessity for any bank. No doubt about that. Given Credit Suisse's position as a leading innovative bank, we are involved in several innovation activities across the globe. In Switzerland the bank is actively engaged with digitalswitzerland, an entity comprised of large Swiss and international companies who all share t…

Does my business require a distributed ledger?

Distributed ledger technology applications are a particularly interesting topic for a wide variety of applications. But despite this, there is a significant amount of noise and misdirected interest. The technology, while revolutionary for some applications, is not suited for every use case. The selection criterion we use at Adjoint is best distille…

Distributed ledger technology - A disrupting technology of trust

One of the main topics key executives have to deal with in our current business environment, notably in the financial industry, is the revolution created by the blockchain/distributed ledger technology. They notably have to understand: “how is blockchain/distributed ledger technology going to disrupt their industry and how can their company t…