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Entries tagged Blockchain

Zurich Meetup: Beer o’clock with Alan Cabello & Scott Beckmeyer, Adjoint

Details Our guests are Alan Cabello & Scott Beckmeyer, Adjoint (https://www.adjoint.com/). They will talk about Company coins and the real use case behind it (not crypto!). Beer o'clock is a keynote format of the Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz, where the participants get an insight into the everyday life of young creatives and entrepreneu…

Workshop with Deloitte UK

Workshop will explore how blockchain is improving treasury processes, such as intercompany settlement, FX, COBO/POBO.

Blockchain Session with Deloitte AG

Alan Cabello, Adjoint's Switzerland General Manager, will lead a session in collaboration with Deloitte AG. The goal of the session is to introduce where blockchain is impacting financial services, specifically intercompany settlement within enterprises. 

Technical Considerations for Enterprise DLT

Within an enterprise environment, it is important to consider privacy & security, scalability, and interoperability when implementing DLT solutions. Presentation by Thomas Dietert and Katherine Hochrein at the Boston Blockchain February Meetup. 


Swiss Fintech Day 2018

Digitization is a new industrial revolution. This is the time to take action, this a time for innovation and leadership. Industries must evolve into ecosystems. The development from financial center to fintech hub is only one example of many in the era of digitization. On this day we will bring together all major stakeholders and their various pers…


"A Formal Approach to Distributed Systems: Implementing a Pi-Calculus Interpreter in Haskell"

Adjoint's Thomas Dietert presentation on new methods for distributed systems at Haskell eXchange 2018

It has never been easier to do type-level programming in Haskell to capture precise invariants of the values as we are working with. Thanks to extensions such as DataKinds and TypeFamilies, many value-level definitions translate directly to type-level definitions. However, once we have them at the type-level, you often find that GHC's type chec…


"Write Your Own GHC Type Checker Plugins"

Adjoint's Gabe Dijkstra's Presentation on new methods for distributed systems at Haskell eXchange 2018

It has never been easier to do type-level programming in Haskell to capture precise invariants of the values as we are working with. Thanks to extensions such as DataKinds and TypeFamilies, many value-level definitions translate directly to type-level definitions. However, once we have them at the type-level, you often find that GHC's type chec…


Introducing our Switzerland General Manager, Alan Cabello

Adjoint welcomes Alan Cabello, design thinking expert and former Fortune 30 innovation lead to join as Switzerland General Manager.

Adjoint announces its new Switzerland General Manager, Alan Cabello, one of Switzerland’s leading design thinking experts and formerly an innovation manager and blockchain lead at Allianz.   “We are thrilled to welcome Alan to the team! We look forward to leveraging his design thinking expertise and corporate blockchain innovatio…



András Miklós to participate on a discussion around Wealth Management and blockchain

Adjoint's Switzerland business development lead, András Miklós, will join a Wealth Management panel alongside Krzysztof Gogól ( and Michael Mellinghoff (FinTech Forum). András will leverage his strategic experience at Credit Suisse to provide insight on how blockchain is being used to improve the wealt…


Overcoming the Hype: Blockchain and the Path to Adoption

Blockchain technology will change the way society shares information. The good news is that introducing blockchain or distributed ledger technology need not be a major disruptive event. While some innovations do, in fact, require major overhauls of existing legacy systems, this is not a requirement to adopt blockchain technology. Enterprises are c…

 - EuroFinance

EuroFinance 2018

Adjoint COO, Somil Goyal, to speak on panel about APIs and data - Stop by Adjoint's booth in Innovation Alley at "The World's Leading International Treasury Event"

Panel on Thursday, 27 September 4:20 to 5:00pm -   APIs and data: value, efficiency, insight and risk At a basic level, APIs allow corporate clients to access the data they need from their banks when, and in the form, they want it. This improves basic processes like reconciliation but also lets them create proactive processes that use …


Transaction Privacy in Distributed Ledgers

Written by: Adjoint Co-Founder and CTO, Stephen Diehl

Maintaining privacy is the most difficult technical issue with any distributed ledger. The fundamental promise of distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the ability to construct self-reconciling workflows between untrusted participants that maintain integrity across all participants so that a “golden source of truth” can be maintained i…


The Trust Economy and its Potential Impact on the Future of Financial Services

Hosted by Babson during Boston FinTech Week, featuring Adjoint Co-Founder and CEO, Havell Rodrigues

Join us as we wind down Boston FinTech Week with this critical discussion. To those entrusted with building for the future of financial services, the paradox of today’s hyper-connected society lies in its inverse relationship with trust. Just as technology enables increasing and superior access, transparency and experiences, individual levels…


IMN Total Alts 2018

Adjoint's Insurance Lead, Richard Magrann-Wells, to speak on panel - Crypto in the Corporate Treasury: A View of the Future

Adjoint, a blockchain company that specializes in solving complex problems in enterprise environments, announced today that the Insurance Lead, Richard Magrann-Wells will participate on a panel discussion titled "Crypto in the Corporate Treasury: A View of the Future". Richard will be speaking alongside Sean Bill (Trustee, City San Jose Police…


Fintech & Blockchain Startup Showcase

Adjoint will be one of 7 innovative and local FinTech & Blockchain technology demos, presented by startup founders.  Each company presents an overview and demonstration of their product within 5 minutes and discusses questions with the audience.    This event is hosted by Boston New Technology and will take place at The Y…


VCIA Captive Insurance Annual Conference

Adjoint Co-Founder & CEO, Havell Rodrigues, speaks about blockchain and captive insurance

VCIA's first Annual Conference was held in 1985, in the early years of Vermont's captive industry. Less than a dozen people attended! Since that time, the conference has grown steadily and flourished into a vibrant, energetic event attracting the industry's very best and brightest year after year. The VCIA Annual Conference now proudly…

 - Somil Goyal, COO

PwC & WM Datenservice: Regulatory Meets Fintech 2018

About the Event: Financial regulation is making huge strides. With a global customer base, financial intermediaries based in and outside the EU are equally affected. Processes and strategies have to be adapted to be competitive in the future as well. At this Regulatory Conference, PwC and WM Datenservice will not only provide insight into the curr…

 - Stephen Diehl, CTO

Adjoint CTO Gives Keynote on Compiler Design

Keynote Speech at ZuriHac 2018 by Stephen Diehl

Beginning of June 2018, theZürich Friends of Haskell association will organize ZuriHac 2018, a three day Haskell Hackathon hosted at the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil. This is the seventh Haskell Hackathon organized in Zürich and and the second one which is hosted at the HSR. A fantastic venue located right at lake Z&uum…

 - Thomas Dietert, Software Engineer

Leap Workshop: "Building a Blockchain in Haskell"

LambdaConf 2018 Thomas Dietert Leap Workshop Speaker

As of 2017, 'blockchain' is ubiquitous in the world of finance and is a buzzword (arguably) known throughout the world. From the booming cryptocurrency market to private over-the-counter trading between the biggest of financial institutions, blockchain is revolutionizing the way in which untrusted counterparties transact everything from fin…

 - Blockchain and Beyond

Blockchain: Bitcoin and Beyond

Indian Institutes of Technology Association of Greater New England

Is Blockchain going to disrupt all of technology and finance? Or is that mostly just hype? This seminar will help you understand the technology underlying Blockchain and get a sense of its promise, perils and limitations. Blockchain is the underlying technology that enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. To its proponents, however, th…


Beyond Data: The ISDA Common Domain Model

33rd Annual ISDA General Meeting Panel Discussion

As financial markets explore the potential of new and emerging technologies there is an opportunity to rebuild from the ground up. ISDA’s CDM extends our established product data and definitions by integrating core events and processes to deliver a standard that facilitates this transformation. This panel will discuss the effect that such a s…

 - Havell Rodrigues

Distributed Markets Conference

"The New Class of Financial Products"

Panel Discussion with David Yerger, Redwood Digital Group Havell Rodrigues, Adjoint Armin Ebrahimi, Shocard Zac Prince, BlockFi Jeff Carter, West Loop Ventures [moderator] More at markets.distributed.com

3rd Internet of Agreements Conference: "Blockchain and Identity"

Presentation and Interview: Adjoint's VP of Product, Darren Tseng, and CTO, Stephen Diehl

Bringing trust to the blockchain: online identity for real-world trade The third Internet of Agreements® conference has as its subject “Identity”. It will focus on tricky issues around the new digital identity standards, including blockchain-based self-sovereign identity. It will be a long and challenging day, full of deep insights…

 - Blockchain graphic

The Entrepreneurship Conference

"The Next Transformative Technology: Blockchain?"

Panelists Dan Briere, Growth at Chainalysis Havell Rodrigues, Co-Founder and CEO at Adjoint Victor Santos, Co-Founder and CEO at AirFox Zach Herbert, VP Operations at Sia & Obelisk

 - SPA

SPA-2018: The 14th Annual Structured Investments Conference

The Future of the Structured Investments Business

Panel Discussion with Mark Boardman, Bloomberg Havell Rodrigues, Adjoint Bernd Henseler, Solactive Jeff Carter, West Loop Ventures [moderator] More at SPA-2018

 - Managing International Growth Conference 2018

"Managing International Growth - How the intelligent treasury supports the business"

A special conversation on blockchain and FinTech

In an age of buzzwords and bandwagons, FinTech is one of the big three along with AI and blockchain. But can a teeming ecosystem of small start-ups really re-invent finance and deliver a new world of low prices and unbeatable customer experience? Leaving aside the fact that almost all of them will fail, the revolution they promise, if deliverable, …

Startup Weekend: Blockchain Edition Friday, February 23 - 25, 2018 - Event banner

Startup Weekend: Blockchain Edition

Havell Rodrigues, Event Judge

Techstars Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that brings together Boston designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains to do amazing things. All Techstars Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams form around the top ideas (as …

 - Magdalena Ramada Sarasola

An interview with Magdalena Ramada Sarasola, Willis Tower Watson

Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledgers in Insurance

Critical insights on the potential of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology for the Insurance sector are explored in an interview with Senior Economist at Willis Towers Watson, Magdalena Ramada Sarasola Adjoint: Can you first tell us about your professional background? Magda: I have been a senior economist at Willis Towers Watson for …


SoftServe and Adjoint Deliver the Future of Blockchain in FinTech

New Partnership to Bring Financial Sector Unmatched Security and Scalability for Mission Critical Blockchain Applications

SoftServe, a leading digital consulting company, today announced its partnership with Adjoint, a developer of distributed ledger technology to accelerate automation through smart contracts and improve transactional privacy and security through blockchain in the financial and commodities industries. Adjoint’s Uplink is an open source platform…

 - Boston

BU Questrom TechConnect Conference 2018

The Future of Money

Please join us on February 16th for the annual TechConnect conference where we will gather experts across FinTech to discuss how a new generation of start-ups and established enterprises are improving financial services, cutting costs, and transforming the business world through technology. Website: https://www.butechconnect.com For questions ple…

 - Christopher Lowell, Liberty Mutual

An interview with Christopher Lowell, Liberty Mutual

Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledgers in Insurance

Critical insights on the potential of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology for the Insurance sector are explored in an interview with Principal at Liberty Mutual Insurance, Christopher Lowell Adjoint: Can you first tell us about your professional background? Chris: Liberty Mutual Insurance is a large, global, diversified insurance c…

 - Adjoint Logo

Looking back on a Successful Fourth Quarter of 2017

In Sep 2017, we travelled to Switzerland to spend 11 weeks at the co-working space “Kraftwerk” in Zurich,as part of a select group of startups invited to digitalswitzerland Kickstart Accelerator program, {image2} one of Europe’s largest and most competitive.  Adjoint was selected in the Fintech vertical to demonstrate use of …

 - Stephen Diehl, CTO

Smart Contracts for New Entrepreneurs

Internet of Agreements Conference Presentation by Stephen Diehl

The CTO Adjoint gave a technical talk about formal verification of smart contracts. Adjoint offers a smart contract platform and distributed ledger solutions designed to improve efficiency, security, and compliance in modern finance. Stephen defines smart contracts as executable programs that run on top of an immutable distributed database whose in…

 - Stephen Diehl, CTO

Reasoning About Program Behavior Algebraically

Presentation by Stephen Diehl

Adjoint CTO, Stephen Diehl will present on complex multiparty workflows and formal methods. Download slides from the presentation

 - Pascal Karsenti, Nephilia Capital

Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledgers in Insurance

An interview with Pascal Karsenti, Nephilia Capital

Critical insights on the potential of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology for the Insurance sector are explored in an interview with Director of Research and Technology at Nephila Advisors, Pascal Karsenti   Adjoint: Can you first tell us about your professional background? Pascal: Nephila is a major provider o…

 - Jeremy Lock, ex-CIO of EDF Trading

Blockchain Usage in Commodities and Energy (Part 2)

An interview with Jeremy Lock, ex-CIO of EDF Trading

Critical insights on blockchain use cases and obstacles in the commodities and energy trading markets are explored in an interview with the former CIO of EDF Trading Ltd, Jeremy Lock. Adjoint: There is this article on Reuters referencing what you were just saying. I’d like to quote it and see what do you think about it. It’s about the…

 - Anthony Sheldon presenting on Verifiable Computing

Verifiable Computing

Verifying computation by potentially un-trusted parties

Verifiable computing is the offloading of computation of some function(s) to another potentially un-trusted party while maintaining that the computation was done correctly. It enables the verification of correctness of a program’s execution on public and private inputs. There are two suitable situations for verifiable computation: Offloadi…

 - Jeremy Lock, ex-CIO of EDF Trading

Blockchain Usage in Commodities and Energy

An interview with Jeremy Lock, ex-CIO of EDF Trading (Part 1)

Critical insights on blockchain use cases and obstacles in the commodities and energy trading markets are explored in an interview with the former CIO of EDF Trading Ltd, Jeremy Lock. Adjoint: Please tell us about yourself and your background? Jeremy: So until very recently, I was the CIO of a global energy trading business - EDF Trading Ltd. My…

 - Havell Rodrigues, CEO

From the Experts // Blockchain’s Agricultural Applications

Havell Rodrigues, CEO and Co-Founder of Adjoint, Inc, joins us for a brief discussion on both the applications and roadblocks for blockchain's adoption in agriculture.   From the Experts is a series brought to you by Farmerline where executives and mavens from the cutting edge of agriculture share their insights and provide a unique pe…

 - Anthony Sheldon, Software Engineer

Verifiable Computing in Haskell: "Zero Knowledge Proofs"

Presentation by Anthony Sheldon

Anthony Sheldon from Adjoint will describe the theory of zero knowledge proofs and explain how to encode the operations of a simple embedded DSL to a single cryptographically-checkable polynomial test, and then prove there is correct execution for given inputs and outputs without revealing private data. Anthony will discuss the blockchain applicati…


Blockchain’s Smart Contract Solution Wins Ernst Young Startup Challenge

The world is abuzz with news about blockchain development and technology lawyers need to understand the implications. The rise of smart contracts, or automated implementation of portions of real-life contracts by transferring assets between parties, is one of those interesting implications. A smart contract is neither smart, nor a contract, but can…

 - Havell Rodrigues and Somil Goyal

Credit Suisse & Kickstart Accelerator: A Strategic Partnership to Boost Innovation

Adjoint is among the elite ten startups chosen to partner with Credit Suisse.

Innovation is a strategic necessity for any bank. No doubt about that. Given Credit Suisse's position as a leading innovative bank, we are involved in several innovation activities across the globe. In Switzerland the bank is actively engaged with digitalswitzerland, an entity comprised of large Swiss and international companies who all share t…

 - Adjoint Uplink™

Adjoint joins open source blockchain movement

Adjoint, developer of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology for the financial industry, announced today the release of their open source platform Uplink.

Adjoint will use this platform to propel development of domain-specific applications in the financial sector across banking, capital markets, insurance, asset management, and commodities trading. In doing this open source release, Adjoint is responding to client demand in the financial services industry. This demand is for platforms which the clie…

 - Thomas Dietert, Software Engineer

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies in Haskell

Boston Haskell Presentation by Thomas Dietert

Thomas Dietert gives an overview of various topics underlying cryptocurrencies and demonstrates his personal cryptocurrency, nanocoin, written in Haskell.

 - Fintech weeek, Chicago 2017

Fintech Week Chicago 2017

The Blockchain Conference Chicago is back for another year. This we'll look at what's happening in financial services, and also explore what's happening in other sectors including government, healthcare, supply chain and more. Speakers include: Manny Flores, Partner, Attorney Arnstein & Lehr LLP Conrad Barski, M.D. Clojure/Ether…

 - London Fintech Week 2017

Fintech Week London 2017

Fintech Week is a series of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, hackathons, meetups and parties.

Each day focuses on a different topic. There is plenty of time for networking and meeting other innovators. The main conference/exhibition takes place at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, but other events take place across the City of London, Canary Wharf and “Tech City.” Fintech Week takes place July 7th to-14th in London. About 600-1,0…


Consensus protocols - Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Authority, Raft and Federated Consensus

In the previous blog post, we described the general principles of consensus protocols. In this post, we focus on the main consensus protocols used as of today notably Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Authority, Raft and Federated Consensus Proof-of-Work Principle: a difficult solution to find but easy to verify Proof-of-Work is the underl…

Does my business require a distributed ledger?

Distributed ledger technology applications are a particularly interesting topic for a wide variety of applications. But despite this, there is a significant amount of noise and misdirected interest. The technology, while revolutionary for some applications, is not suited for every use case. The selection criterion we use at Adjoint is best distille…

Distributed ledger technology - A disrupting technology of trust

One of the main topics key executives have to deal with in our current business environment, notably in the financial industry, is the revolution created by the blockchain/distributed ledger technology. They notably have to understand: “how is blockchain/distributed ledger technology going to disrupt their industry and how can their company t…