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Treasury Management Solutions

For finance or treasury teams, it is no easy task to juggle day-to-day responsibilities along with increased pressure to track up-to-the-minute information. The role you play in the organization is critical and the need for efficiency, security and accuracy is paramount.

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As your operations continue to grow in magnitude and complexity, your current ERP, cash management and ledger systems may struggle to keep up. Many solutions make big promises and often under-deliver.

Adjoint Smart Treasury gives finance and treasury departments a powerful new way to achieve better visibility, more control and instantaneous transfers without cumbersome ledger reconciliations. No more waiting for financial reporting periods to close, batch processes to complete and investigating discrepancies.

No more manual reporting and extracts from complicated systems. No more bank and FX charges for treasury transfers. Adjoint Smart Treasury provides a secure, private, permissioned distributed ledger backbone to your treasury operations. Adjoint makes it simple for finance and treasury teams to work smarter.

Increase Visibility. Reduce Costs. Maximize Productivity.


Gain 24/7 visibility to liquidity across your organization using real-time APIs.


Create highly-efficient workflows, called Smart Contracts, that automate tasks between employees, departments and companies to simplify payments, foreign exchange, intracompany loans, withholding tax, deposits, swaps, supply chain finance, netting, and more.


Set up and run a private network within your organization, with reliable authentication, security and controls. Extend safely to clients and suppliers, if you so choose.


Make instantaneous and zero-cost intra-company payments, automate external payments and track them real-time, reduce manual steps for advanced treasury transactions, eliminate reconciliations, optimize cash management, save time and money.


Leverage connectivity with multiple banks and investment managers externally, as well as linking to your ERP, Treasury Management or other internal systems.


Access real-time data and move money with our user-friendly dashboard on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Move cash to where it is needed using trackable metadata tags for straight-through accounting, tax processing, as well as better analytics and reporting.


Accelerated time-to-market and quick roll-out to get up and running in just a few weeks.


Improve current processes, save time, reduce costs, increase margins and run a smarter business.

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