About Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are small applications that run on a decentralized database that automatically mediates the terms of agreement between parties without the need to manually synchronize data or involve trusted third parties. Banks and governments are increasingly adopting distributed ledger technology as it offers many stategic advantages over legacy systems:


Disintermediates settlements and reduces transaction clearing time.


Eliminates counterparty risk and increases transparency between parties.


All data is replicated across all participants, backed up automatically, and has no central point of failure.


Instant audits and regulatory transparency.

Key Advantages

The Adjoint platform offers serveral key advantages over open source and other solutions:

Analysis Tools

Our suite of contract development tools allows financial domain experts to quickly analyze and visualize the structure and implications of their contracts. Including analyzing:

  • Contract events
  • Party roles
  • Cashflow events
  • Termination events
  • Permissions

Asset Modeling Language

  • A library of resuable contract logic that gives rise to standard financial instruments
  • Designed so all possible states and party obligations can be analyzed and known pre-execution.
  • Simple familiar imperative syntax with a powerful type system to catch bugs before they turn into costly errors.