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PwC & WM Datenservice: Regulatory Meets Fintech 2018

Somil Goyal, COO

About the Event:

Financial regulation is making huge strides. With a global customer base, financial intermediaries based in and outside the EU are equally affected. Processes and strategies have to be adapted to be competitive in the future as well. At this Regulatory Conference, PwC and WM Datenservice will not only provide insight into the current regulatory challenges facing financial intermediaries. Dedicated solution providers will be presented with technical options available on the market to address regulatory challenges. Participants gain detailed insights into the available products in order to identify relevant solutions for their own business model and to implement automated processes.



Somil Goyal, Chief Operating Officer, Adjoint

Frederik Gregaard, Director, PwC AG

Thorsten Hirsch, Sales Manager Asset Managers, WM Datenservice

Ralf Huber, Co-founder, Apiax AG

Diana Imbach Haumüller, Senior Legal Counsel, SFAMA

Christian Schäfer, Product Manager, WM Datenservice

Jean-Claude Spillmann, Senior Manager, PwC AG

Michael Taschner, Senior Manager, PwC AG

Nikolai Tsenov, Product Manager, finnova AG Bankware

Kaspar Wohnlich, Chief Executive Officer, Evolute Group AG