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"Managing International Growth - How the intelligent treasury supports the business"

A special conversation on blockchain and FinTech

In an age of buzzwords and bandwagons, FinTech is one of the big three along with AI and blockchain. But can a teeming ecosystem of small start-ups really re-invent finance and deliver a new world of low prices and unbeatable customer experience? Leaving aside the fact that almost all of them will fail, the revolution they promise, if deliverable, poses significant risks to the stability of the financial services sector and beyond, at least according to people like Bank of England governor Mark Carney. This is already attracting the attention of the regulators, and the regulatory arbitrage currently enjoyed by FinTechs too small to have to bear the burden of real compliance. So, should you wait and see, or start migrating now?

  • Havell Rodrigues, CEO & Co-Founder, Adjoint Inc., US
  • Jonathan Levi, CEO & Founder, HACERA, US
  • Aarti Rao, MD, LiquidX, US
  • Thomas Schickler, CEO, The Liquidity Market Place, Canada