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EuroFinance 2018

Adjoint COO, Somil Goyal, to speak on panel about APIs and data - Stop by Adjoint's booth in Innovation Alley at "The World's Leading International Treasury Event"

Panel on Thursday, 27 September 4:20 to 5:00pm -  

APIs and data: value, efficiency, insight and risk

At a basic level, APIs allow corporate clients to access the data they need from their banks when, and in the form, they want it. This improves basic processes like reconciliation but also lets them create proactive processes that use these events and patterns in this data to drive alerts and other actions. The real-time connectivity created by APIs can also generate new dataflows from which treasury can derive novel insights into the business and customers to drive exactly the type of strategic treasury activity CFOs have started to demand. Those are the opportunities. But are there are risks? In this discussion we examine how APIs, open banking and broader digital transformation create value from data, and what treasurers need to know about the privacy, security and other implications for risk.


Stop by Adjoint's booth in Innovation Valley to discuss what your strategic treasury goals are and to learn more about how we are increasing margins for global treasurers using our blockchain platform.

About the event: Now in its 27th year, this is the world's leading international treasury event. The sophistication, level of expertise and networking is unrivalled by any other event of its kind. This year, EuroFinance will look at how to prepare treasury for the future - because it is no longer enough to just deliver on treasury's core responsibilities.

New technology, business model disruption and unprecendented compliance, regulation and geopolitical issues will change the profession beyond recognition. Treasury needs to react and adapt.

  • Discover which tech is relevant to you and how to future-proof your treasury.
  • Hear how to be proactive, work with the rest of the business and keep treasury relevant.
  • Learn how others are seizing the opportunity to review everything from staffing to structures.

The sophistication, level of expertise and networking is unrivalled by any other of its kind.