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Blockchain: Bitcoin and Beyond

Indian Institutes of Technology Association of Greater New England

Blockchain and Beyond

Is Blockchain going to disrupt all of technology and finance? Or is that mostly just hype?

This seminar will help you understand the technology underlying Blockchain and get a sense of its promise, perils and limitations. Blockchain is the underlying technology that enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. To its proponents, however, the Blockchain is nothing less than a radically new way to address foundational issues in technology, banking and commerce. It could enable cheaper money transfers, easier identity-verification and new modes of commerce via smart-contracts. However, much of this promise is yet to be realized– there are many unresolved questions about its applicability in the real world. Our panel of distinguished experts will help you to better understand this technology and its uses. 


  • Havell Rodrigues: CEO and Co-Founder of Adjoint
  • Shyam Kamadolli: Managing Partner, AVG Blockchain Fund
  • Nick Lasurdo: Counsel, Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Raghav Chawla: Director of Product Management, Fidelity Labs