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3rd Internet of Agreements Conference: "Blockchain and Identity"

Presentation and Interview: Adjoint's VP of Product, Darren Tseng, and CTO, Stephen Diehl

Bringing trust to the blockchain: online identity for real-world trade

The third Internet of Agreements® conference has as its subject “Identity”. It will focus on tricky issues around the new digital identity standards, including blockchain-based self-sovereign identity. It will be a long and challenging day, full of deep insights into the challenges awaiting us on the path to widespread adoption.

Commerce relies on trust. Blockchains are disintermediating trade, enabling millions of new transactions every day and boosting the global economy. But participants face new risks: how can we trust blockchain trading partners? Without real-world information about them, how do we know who we’re dealing with? We need to know their identity.

Self-sovereign identity systems allow people to generate a number of names for themselves. Emerging third party attestation is starting to bind these abstract identities back to the physical world, but with all the hazards of handling personal data on a global scale, intersecting with local regulation jurisdiction by jurisdiction.

We will bring together leading identity innovators in the blockchain space for a full day’s discussions on the current state of the art, future directions, and the potential and actuality of collaboration. We know it is possible to interconnect the real world and the blockchain world in a way which serves the needs of both domains. We look forwards to exploring these topics together.

There will be sessions on:

  • KYC/AML and other regulatory factors
  • Sovereign identity systems, and their interactions with other identity standards
  • Use of identity (see to manage data quality risks in identity systems, and to facilitate trade
  • Biometrics on the blockchain