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Extending zkLedger with private swaps

Written by: Alberto Centelles and Gabe Dijkstra

Abstract:  In a distributed ledger with privacy features, it is important to strike a balance between public verifiability and privacy. If transaction data is public, anyone can verify whether the ledger satisfies certain properties. However, public transaction data may leak sensitive trading information or violate data privacy regulations. W…

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Adjoint CTO Gives Keynote on Compiler Design

Keynote Speech at ZuriHac 2018 by Stephen Diehl

Beginning of June 2018, theZürich Friends of Haskell association will organize ZuriHac 2018, a three day Haskell Hackathon hosted at the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil. This is the seventh Haskell Hackathon organized in Zürich and and the second one which is hosted at the HSR. A fantastic venue located right at lake Z&uum…

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Internet of Agreements Interview with Stephen Diehl

On October 13th-16th, Mattereum hosted the first Internet of Agreements™ (IoA) conference at the UK Government’s Digital Catapult in London. IoA™ is a vision for global supply chains and logistics, integrating national laws and regulation with international commerce through the application of technology such as blockchains and sma…

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Smart Contracts for New Entrepreneurs

Internet of Agreements Conference Presentation by Stephen Diehl

The CTO Adjoint gave a technical talk about formal verification of smart contracts. Adjoint offers a smart contract platform and distributed ledger solutions designed to improve efficiency, security, and compliance in modern finance. Stephen defines smart contracts as executable programs that run on top of an immutable distributed database whose in…

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Reasoning About Program Behavior Algebraically

Presentation by Stephen Diehl

Adjoint CTO, Stephen Diehl will present on complex multiparty workflows and formal methods. Download slides from the presentation

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Verifiable Computing in Haskell: "Zero Knowledge Proofs"

Presentation by Anthony Sheldon

Anthony Sheldon from Adjoint will describe the theory of zero knowledge proofs and explain how to encode the operations of a simple embedded DSL to a single cryptographically-checkable polynomial test, and then prove there is correct execution for given inputs and outputs without revealing private data. Anthony will discuss the blockchain applicati…

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Introduction to Cryptocurrencies in Haskell

Boston Haskell Presentation by Thomas Dietert

Thomas Dietert gives an overview of various topics underlying cryptocurrencies and demonstrates his personal cryptocurrency, nanocoin, written in Haskell.

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Modern Cryptography with Haskell

HSR Presentation by Stephen Diehl

HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil Stephen Diehl gave his keynote on elliptic curve crypto in Haskell. This talk had a crash course on a bit of abstract algebra/elliptic curves, and the rest of the talk was on using Haskell to establish trust between two parties using commitment schemes, zero knowledge proofs, verifiable computation, etc. …