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VCIA Captive Insurance Annual Conference

Adjoint Co-Founder and CEO, Havell Rodrigues, to speak about blockchain and captive insurance

VCIA's first Annual Conference was held in 1985, in the early years of Vermont's captive industry. Less than a dozen people attended! Since that time, the conference has grown steadily and flourished into a vibrant, energetic event attracting the industry's very best and brightest year after year. The VCIA Annual Conference now proudly…

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EuroFinance 2018

Adjoint will have a booth in Innovation Valley at "The World's Leading International Treasury Event"

Stop by Adjoint's booth in Innovation Valley to discuss what your strategic treasury goals are and to learn more about how we are increasing margins for global treasurers using our blockchain platform.   About the event: Now in its 27th year, this is the world's leading international treasury event. The sophistication, level of exper…

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Haskell eXchange 2018

Adjoint's Gabe Dijkstra will be presenting a session titled "Write Your Own GHC Type Checker Plugins"

It has never been easier to do type-level programming in Haskell to capture precise invariants of the values as we are working with. Thanks to extensions such as DataKinds and TypeFamilies, many value-level definitions translate directly to type-level definitions. However, once we have them at the type-level, you often find that GHC's type chec…

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Swiss Fintech Day 2018

Digitization is a new industrial revolution. This is the time to take action, this a time for innovation and leadership. Industries must evolve into ecosystems. The development from financial center to fintech hub is only one example of many in the era of digitization. On this day we will bring together all major stakeholders and their various pers…

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