Former Babson College President Joins Adjoint Board of Directors

Press Release

BOSTON, June 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Former Babson College President, Brian Barefoot, has recently joined Adjoint's Board of Directors. Barefoot's 30 years of experience with various financial services makes him a pivotal addition to the company's Board of Directors. His wisdom and years of experience will allow him to direct the strategic and tactical direction for Adjoint, a Boston headquartered FinTech. Adjoint helps multinationals simplify and secure financial processes using cutting edge technology, such as distributed ledgers, smart contracts and APIs.

Barefoot has held senior executive roles within leading financial firms, such as Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc, and was formerly chief executive at PaineWebber (UBS AG) and NeoVision Hypersystems. His experience positioned him to add value on Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors at a diverse set of companies, including Advisors Asset Management, Vocap Investment Partners, Lending Club, HarMoney Corp Limited and Carl Marks & Co.

On Adjoint's Board of Directors, Barefoot will offer key insights to Adjoint's positioning and continued success within the financial services market. His experience leading at NeoVision Hypersystems, a lending company that offers real time analytics for financial services, showcases his understanding and effectiveness in leveraging digital technologies to improve current processes for enterprise clients and in capital markets. From an investment perspective, his Advisory Board roles at HarMoney Corp Limited, Vocap Investment Partners and Carl Marks & Co., will supplement Adjoint to tailor and improve its strategy in order to achieve its goals. He is also a past Director, Audit Committee member and Finance and Business Committee Chair, and is currently an Investment Committee member, at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and will lead best practices around governance issues to Adjoint as it grows.

Barefoot is a long-time, active Babson alumnus. He received his BSBA in Finance & Investments, prior to receiving his MBA from Pace University. He served on the Babson Board of Trustees, including Chair from 1996 to 2001. From 2001 to 2008, Barefoot served as the College's 11th President. Today he holds the honorary title of President Emeritus and is an influential member of the Babson Global Advisory Board.

Havell Rodrigues, CEO of Adjoint (Babson '03), remarked: "Babson has been consistently ranked #1 in Entrepreneurship, with Brian at the helm of the college, for the past 26 years. His practical insights into how new technology, such as Distributed Ledger Technology, is positioned to create value for global enterprises and successfully scale to meet customer demands presents the intuition that he will offer to Adjoint. Brian has 35 years of experience serving on a variety of boards assisting in diverse fields of financial services and driving organizations to success. We are very fortunate and grateful to have him join our Board of Directors."

Combining Barefoot's expertise in financial services and his ability to advise poses an incredible value added to the Adjoint team, as they begin to expand into the emerging digitized asset space for multinational corporates. Adjoint already has several Fortune 1000 clients that are using its platform for intra-company loan management and intra-company cash management using virtual accounts and is proud to have Brian on board to assist in furthering its growing success.

When prompted about his future contributions and new role at Adjoint, Brian remarked: "I'm excited to help Adjoint further develop its strategy and governance practices in a manner that creates maximum value for its customers and shareholders.''

About Adjoint, Inc.
Adjoint, Inc. is a global financial technology company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company simplifies financial processes leveraging emerging technologies, such as distributed ledger technology, smart contracts and APIs. Adjoint combines business process management and secure transactions for end-to-end visibility of liquidity across departments, geographies and assets.