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01 Oct

Fintech +

András Miklós to participate on a discussion around Wealth Management and blockchain

Adjoint's Switzerland business development lead, András Miklós, will join a Wealth Management panel alongside Krzysztof Gogól ( and Michael Mellinghoff (FinTech Forum). András will leverage his strategic experience at Credit Suisse to provide insight on how blockchain is being used to improve the wealth management industry.

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EuroFinance 2018

Adjoint COO, Somil Goyal, to speak on panel about APIs and data - Stop by Adjoint's booth in Innovation Alley at "The World's Leading International Treasury Event"

APIs and data: value, efficiency, insight and risk

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19 Sep

Why language design matters

Why does language design matter in the context of blockchain and other DLT?

Why does language design matter in the context of blockchain and other DLT?

Certainly, this is one of the criteria that should be closely evaluated when choosing a technology platform: millions of US Dollars worth of cryptocurrencies have already been stolen due to easily exploitable scripting languages.

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18 Sep

Transaction privacy in distributed ledgers

Written by: Adjoint Co-Founder and CTO, Stephen Diehl

Maintaining privacy is the most difficult technical issue with any distributed ledger. The fundamental promise of distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the ability to construct self-reconciling workflows between untrusted participants that maintain integrity across all participants so that a “golden source of truth” can be maintained in perpetuity. This is achieved through two mechanisms: consensus and cryptography. The fundamental challenge associated with maintaining a golden record through consensus is that participants must be able to agree on the state of the network and reject any invalid transactions or unfair play while still respecting the external privacy constraints endowed by the workflows. Simply, participants must be able to agree that something is the same without seeing it. If a consortium network between a German and Swiss bank is set up, any bilateral trades maintained across the network should respect both the data domicile laws. Subsequently, the economic terms and status of the trade should only be accessible across the two entities making the trade.

Adjoint has solved this.

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14 Sep

The trust economy and its potential impact on the future of financial services

Hosted by Babson during Boston FinTech Week, featuring Adjoint Co-Founder and CEO, Havell Rodrigues

Join us as we wind down Boston FinTech Week with this critical
discussion. To those entrusted with building for the future of financial
services, the paradox of today’s hyper-connected society lies in its
inverse relationship with trust. Just as technology enables increasing
and superior access, transparency and experiences, individual levels
of trust in the financial services sector is waning. With this change
comes an opening for new financial products, new entrants and new
(digital) currencies all likely to shift the status quo. We will bring
together a distinguished group of Financial Services executives to
contemplate how this shift is altering the future of the financial
services industry.

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