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26 Jun

Distributed Markets conference

"The new class of financial products"

Panel discussion with:

  • David Yerger, Redwood Digital Group
  • Havell Rodrigues, Adjoint
  • Armin Ebrahimi, Shocard
  • Zac Prince, BlockFi
  • Jeff Carter, West Loop Ventures [moderator]

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Taking Resources to the Type Level – Vilem-Benjamin Liepelt

One of our software engineers, Vilem Liepelt, represented Adjoint and spoke at the Typelevel Summit Lausanne 2019. His talk overviews the Granule type system, which incorporates precision, using data as a resource and quantitative reasoning, through indexed types, linerarity and graded modalities, respectively. 

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NACT 2019 National Conference

National Association of Corporate Treasurers annual conference

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Planning for enterprise blockchain in your organization, with Darren Tseng (VP of product, Adjoint) and Stephen Diehl (CTO, Adjoint)

Date and place: 28/05, 5pm at Chainwork Hub, Zurich

Distributed Ledger Technology has the potential to reshape enterprise business processes. It can simplify and automate IT operations and make a company’s organization far more efficient. Operationally, the use and implementation of this technology in one’s current application ecosystem can seem at first to be challenging, but there are many success stories and lessons to draw from. Learn simple strategies for incorporating blockchain in your network ecosystem and take full advantage of the benefits that this this new technology can bring.

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