Distributing Finance

Smart contracts and distributed ledger solutions built for modern finance.

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Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts facilitates complex business and financial processes between counterparties without the need to centralize trust.

Private Ledger

A private distributed ledger allows counter parties to exchange transactions securely between a trusted network with business roles clearly defined.

Full Security

ISO 270001 compatible security, auditing, and end-to-end encryption.

Data Integration

Third party data sources such as price feeds and market data are seamlessly deployed alongside contracts. Associated documents and data can be stored alongside a distributed filesystem.

Immutable Audit Trail

All network participants share a single incorruptible source of truth on all transactions.

Contract Construction

Construct complex instruments by combining common contractual components such as confirmations, barriers, pricing formula, terminations, and novations.

Development Tools

Graphical interfaces for contract lifecycle management, deployment, counterparty communication, and notifications.

Verification & Auditing

The implementation of the digital instrument can be queried for party obligations, lifetimes, and termination events. Contracts are formally verified for correctness.

External Integration

Integrate with external payment systems, reporting, risk modeling, and data providers using web APIs.